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"Information is a source of learning..........But unless it is organised, processed and available to the right people in a format for decison making, it is a burden, not a benefit." - Sybil F. Stershic


We offer a variety of Learning and Capability development services to both Corporate and Educational Institutions. Our Associates and Consultants will work together with you to provide optimal Learning solutions to the identified challenges and business targets.  

What we take pride in as our capabilities - 


Learning Solution Consultancy

CLS's Learning Consulting Service provides a team of experts as needed and helps organizations to expand their learning development capacity considerably. Our team ensures that we deliver targeted, flexible cost and time optimized project without incurring additional expense on  permanent headcount. A blended learning approach includes exhaustive training needs analysis and evaluation which helps you achieve business goals by creating the most suitable solutions for your needs. Our solutions aim to improve learning culture and accelerate business transformation in an organisation and help Learning & Development teams achieve their targets.


Managed Learning Services

Our Managed Learning Service ( MLS) aims to help organizations achieve business targets by ensuring their workforce remains capable & skillful to handle challenges timely. This service can be aligned to your needs and requirements. We can either complement your in-house resources so you focus on strategic side of learning or  provide total solution where you have our expertise to bring in the latest from Learning field. Our managed learning service is flexible and scalable which includes either or all of the following-

  • Learning Administration
  • Learning Content Development  
  • Training Vendor Management
  • Induction Program - Content development & Administration
  • Comprehensive Needs Analysis and Evaluation for ROI / ROE


Corporate Readiness Program

This program is aimed as a support system both to Educational Institutes and Corporate world. The objective of this program is to prepare next-gen getting ready to join workforce to outperform from the start of their career. The program aims to instill right attitude, effective communication,  proper grooming, energy and learning drive to excel. We aim to align and fill the gaps so corporate needs are taken care of at the outset and educational institutes have better resources to offer.


Learning Integration Program 

With the world going through numerous changes both in terms of technology as well as mergers/acquisitions, a need for support has been recognized. With organisations spending a lot of efforts to keep up with new challenges, it sometimes leads to slow down of learning process. We can join your efforts  and help you to manage changes effectively & ensure that your learning activities do not get delayed and Learning culture does not get affected.


Coaching & Mentoring program

Our Coaching & Mentoring Program is applicable to both individuals or Corporates. The best way to achieve a goal - personal or career, is to find the right solution that suits you to achieve them. Our Learning consultants will come up with a workable and suitable solution — coaching or mentoring, depending on your requirement to help you master new attitudes and behaviour — and achieve more than you ever imagined. We have possibilities to either design and implement a complete program for corporates or  arrange for coaches/mentors. 


Learning Content Development Services

Our Learning Content Development Services assist you in developing learning content best suited to your organisations need. We can support you with developing Instructor led training, E-Learning, M-Learning, Workshops, Social Learning.